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Australia Post Delivery Centre
Bathurst, NSW - ($15M).

Australia Post Delivery Centre

Steel framed extension to Australia Post delivery and sorting centre providing an additional 1200sq m of space. Comprised 25 m span portal frames and structural steel awnings, suspended composite slabs and ground bearing slabs. Footings were a vcombination of strip footings and concrete piers. New RC pavements access road approx. 300sqm. Involvement continued through construction to completion, with design compliance inspections and construction advice to main contractor and architect.

Frasers Broadway
Central Park, Sydney

Frasers Broadway

Central Park is set to become an icon of 21st Century living, helping Sydney stake a claim as one of the world’s great urban destinations. Spectacularly located 'downtown', at the southern edge of the CBD, Central Park is a $2 billion urban village with a beautiful, spacious park at its heart – an exceptional destination for living, working, meeting friends, shopping, dining out and relaxing.

With 11 buildings, around 2,000 apartments and a lively collection of shops, cafes, restaurants, laneways, terraces and offices, Central Park transforms the old Kent Brewery in Chippendale into an intelligent interplay of buildings and public spaces, and raises the benchmark for sustainable living globally.

Working for Piling Contractor’s Australia our design brief was the structural design and documentation of the shotcrete walls to the soldier piling. Basement car parking comprised 7 levels with 600mm grout injected c.f.a. piles with ground anchors down 3 levels to the founding sandstone rock. Shotcrete walls were design as simply supported between soldier piles with galvanised dowels into the piles and reinforcing fabric to the section of walls between the piles. Drainage behind the walls used Atlantis geotextile strip drains.

Involvement continued through construction of the walls with design compliance inspections and construction advice to the main contractor.

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