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Majcon have been the structural / civil engineer for YUM! Restaurants since 2007. We have provided structural and civil engineering design, documentation of KFC and Pizza Huts stores in more than 30 locations in NSW and Victoria. We were responsible for the largest KFC store in South East Asia, The Palais Royale constructed in Newcastle in 2010 for $5M.

KFC Palais
Newcastle, NSW - ($6M).

KFC Palais

Structural steel portal framed building with precast concrete panels up to 8m in height. Suspended concrete slabs for plant room. Footings comprised reinforced concrete raft slab. Involvement continued through construction to completion, with design compliance inspections and construction advice to main contractor and architect.

Numerous KFC stores
located in Regional NSW, Sydney and Victoria - (each $1.5M).

KFC stores

Steel framed buildings clad with precast concrete panels and modular steel panels of steel cold formed sections. Footings comprised combination of reinforced concrete raft slabs and piers. Main structural stability attained through structural steel portal frame action. Structural design also included footings and structure for signs up to 12m in height.

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