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We have been responsible for dilapidation surveys, building condition surveys, structural damage assessment reports and expert witness in building disputes for a range of buildings including residential, heritage listed, industrial, residential and commercial.

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These are required prior to and after new developments to ascertain if damage has been caused to property during the constructon of the works. The key personnel at MAJCON have been involved in carrying out hundreds of these dilapidation surveys over the past 10 years. The Surveys have been carried out on various types of building properties and structures including, CBD multistorey residential and commercial buildings, heritage dwellings, apartment blocks, industrial plants, bridges and roads and their footpaths and council assets. Recently MAJCON were responsible for the Dilapidation survey of Heritage buildings along South Dowling Street (SDS) adjacent to Sydney's Eastern Distributor (ED) during the re paving maintenance programme of the ED and SDS.

Dilapidation Surveys

Building Inspections


MAJCON's engineers carry out damage assessment survey to distressed buildings. The cause of damage for which MAJCON has prepared diagnostic reports are: earthquake, foundation settlement , water proofing failures, spalling concrete, building fabric failures, floor slab deflections, magnesite contamination of concrete slabs to mention a few. Following our specification of repairs we then provide a project management role of letting tenders, appointing a remedial builder and contract administration. This entails site inspections to confirm works in accordance with design intent and assessment and approval of Progress Claims and finally issue of Completion Certificate.

Dilapidation Surveys

Commercial Buildings
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Dilapidation Surveys

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Dilapidation Surveys

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Dilapidation Surveys

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Dilapidation Surveys

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